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About SVT JP

SVT JP is a used car exporter company based in Tokyo - Japan with the yard locations in Yokohama and Kobe, Japan. With wide variety of used cars from different automobile brands, we export vehicles to all over the world.

Providing top quality cars and services to our customers since 1998. Come and be a part of us starting today!

SVT JP is always thriving to provide not only top quality cars, but also customer service. Each order in our company is systematically processed for better and on time services.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority always. No customer is big or small for us and we welcome all our clients with same priority.

We invite you to come and work with us once and you will continue working with us for a long time. Image Not Found


Sold Cars


Yard Stock


Vehicles Maintained


Brand Stock

Why choose us

We provide quality used cars from many different brands at affordable prices and on time with fast and reliable shipping.

Our mission

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction for better business experience and relations for maximum company growth.

Only creative solutions

Communication with customers and provide what you have paid for without hassles and errors for long term business.

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Our Services

We not only provide used cars, but also brand new and company original parts. You can tell us your requirement and we will have it ready for you. We also repair and inspect automobiles.


Engine Diagnostic

We have the right caring, experience and dedicated professional for you.


Wheel Alignment

Regular check up to maintain top notch quality vehicles.


Oil Changing

Each car is regularly tuned to keep it smooth.


Steering & Suspension

Sooth gearbox and suspensions, oiled regularly.

Our Clients Feedback

We love to hear the words of our clients. Every feedback, good or bad is precious to us to improve our company.